The club has a waiting list for new applicants, who have to be sponsored by current members.

To apply to be a Member of the Chelsea Arts Club you must be proposed and seconded by two existing Members whom you have known for at least two years. Once you have a proposer and seconder, you can apply by filling in the proposal form, which can be downloaded here.

The proposal form consists of three sections; all must be filled in before the form can be returned. The first section asks for your personal information and gives you space to write in detail why you would like to join. This section is very important and you should try and give as much information as possible about your work. If you are not a practicing artist, a note on any connections you have with the visual arts is helpful. You may attach additional pages to the form, such as a CV. The clearer the information you provide, the greater the chance of your election.

The second and third sections are for your proposer and seconder to fill in. Once the form is complete it can be returned by post or email to the office. Once the form has been received you should receive a letter from the Membership Secretary notifying you that you are now a Candidate, and providing you with a personal reference number, which corresponds to a page in a Candidates’ Book. The Candidates’ Book allows Members to show their support of an application by signing their name on a Candidate’s page.

At any one time, there are far more people wanting to become Members than there are places available. Each year, the Membership Committee of the Council selects about 150 people whom they meet at an informal drinks evening, prior to inviting them to become Members.

There are two categories of membership – Ordinary and Associate. Ordinary Members are practitioners of the plastic and graphic arts. This was originally interpreted as meaning painters, illustrators, sculptors and architects. The definition has been widened in recent years to include photographers, film makers, designers and craftsmen.

Associate Membership is open to distinguished men and women of the literary, musical or dramatic professions and other professional men and women interested in the arts.

When we receive your application we will decide whether you are an Ordinary or Associate candidate based upon your primary occupation. Each year, of the approximately 150 Members who are elected, 100 are Ordinary and 50 Associate candidates.

Membership and joining fees for 2018-19 are as follows:

Town Membership £598 pa

for those with a residential address within 30 miles of Charing Cross.

Country Membership £435  pa

for those who live outside London, or Associate Members living overseas

Overseas Membership £395  pa

for Ordinary Members living overseas

Under 30’s Membership £218  pa

Joining Fee for Members over 30 years of age: £295

Download the membership proposal form here

If you have any questions about membership, or need any assistance in completing the proposal form, please email Membership Secretary Rob Kennedy